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Practice Administration Suite

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Welcome to a better way of working...

You'll be amazed what our software can do for you.

We design and write software for specific professional sectors from Architects to Engineers, Opticians to Solicitors and even Accountants!!!!!!!

We truely believe in all the software we write and listen very carefully to our clients... If there is a good suggestion for an improvement to our solutions, we will often write it into the next release.

Most importantly, if we can help you improve the way you work and you grow, then we grow. Thats why we're passionate about what we do!

Our software portfolio is always growing, improving and upgrading so please check back often.

case studies/news
Practice Administration Suite 2012 - Version 10.8.0 Released!
The new version of PAS has been released today...
INC Design trial beta version of software

INC Design on The Waterfront in Brierley Hill have agreed to beta test the new software

CADZ Architects and Surveyors Take Beta Version

Tina and Gary visited CADZ at their offices in The Jewellery Qu.....